The Cole Cabin
is taken for the 2017-2018 Ski Season

December 1st - April 15th

View from the pond

We are looking for a small family
for the cabin.

The Cole Cabin offers authentic Vermont ski housing with a relaxed old-style character. The Cabin is a refuge from the resort, yet it is only a short five minute drive away. The Cabin sits off a dead-end dirt road that is kept open all year round by the town.

For the season - make an inquiry to learn more about it or have a walk-through.

Roadside view with new entryway addition

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Kids playing on the Pond

Want to spend a day doing something other than ski. With a skateable pond on the property (3/4 of an acre in size), you will have an alternative activity for the kids that costs you nothing extra except the labor to shovel the snow off it.

Fees for Full Seasonal rental:

Rate: $8000 for the full season plus utilities, which are estimated to cost $3500.

Is there a Security Deposit and how much is it?

What does the utilities prepayment cover?
This sum covers plowing, caretaking, propane, wood, water conditioning, phone (local service - use your credit card or cell phone for long distance calls), electricity, wireless internet and cable tv. I pay the bills during the ski season and deduct the cost from the prepayment. At the end of the season, you get an accounting and any money not used is returned to you. This figure for the utilities and the rental is based on recreational use such as for weekends, holiday periods, vacations, etc.

Cole Cabin Details

How are the rooms in the Cabin configured?
See the Cabin page for this information

How many people will the Cole Cabin sleep comfortably?
Four (4) people can be comfortably accommodated. It is ideal for a small family.

How many Cars can the parking area next to the Cabin hold in the winter?
Three (3) cars is pretty much it. Unfortunately, cars can't be parked on the road, because they will block the snow plow. There is a parking area down at the bottom of the lane opposite the golf school.

How do you get to the Stratton ski area from the Cabin?
Drive to the bottom of North Road, take a right onto the Pikes Fall Road, 500 feet later, take a right up Brazier's Way, three minutes later, you will pass the road to the Sunbowl, and about a minute later, you will come to the Resort. Renters often come back to the cabin for lunch in the middle of a day of skiing. It is a very convenient place to stay.

Directions to the Stratton Resort from Google maps:
1. Head east on N Rd toward Pikes Falls Rd (0.1 mi)
2. Turn right at Pikes Falls Rd (0.2 mi)
3. Turn right at Brazers Way (0.8 mi)
4. Continue onto Stratton Mt Access Rd (1.0 mi)

Pondside of the cabin

Panorama showing the Cole House on the left, the Cole Cabin in the Center and North Road on the right.

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