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The Cole House is available for the 2017-2018 Ski Season.

We are specifically looking for a family to rent the house for the upcoming ski season.

House in Winter

What the Cole House and Cole Cabin are all about
The Cole House and the companion Cole Cabin offer unpretentious, but authentic ski housing that is away from the city-like atmosphere at the Stratton Ski Resort. These houses are a refuge from the hurly-burly of the city and the resort itself. They are a short five minute drive from the resort, yet they are separate and apart on a dead-end dirt road that is kept open by the town year round. To get to the resort, take a right at the bottom of the lane. 500 feet later take a right up Brazier's Way. This is the back access road to the resort. Five minutes later you are ready to ski.

Want to spend a day doing something other than ski? Want to get away from the crowds at the resort? Consider the Cole House and Cole Cabin. With a skateable pond (3/4 of an acre in size) on the property, you will have an alternative activity for the kids that costs you nothing extra; you just have to shovel the snow off it.For the season or for short term rental (four day stay, week or month).

Short Term Rental

Make an inquiry to see if it is available or to get a walk-through.

By the season, the Cole House rents for $10,750 plus utilities and security deposit.

Cole House Details

- Sleeps six (6) people comfortably. This dwelling is ideal for a small to medium sized family. The last three years we have had a family of four in the house and they have loved it. There is one bedroom downstairs with a queen-size bed. There are two bedrooms upstairs, one with two double-beds and another bedroom with one double-bed.

- Driveway: Holds three (3) cars. Unfortunately, cars can't be parked on the road, because they will block the snow plow.

- Bathrooms: There is a split bath downstairs with a sink and a toilet in one room and a sink, tub and shower in the other room. Upstairs there is a bath with a shower. There is a utility room with a washer and dryer on the first floor.

Full Season Rates:

- Rental Runs from Monday, December 1st - the middle of April. This rental is for recreational use only, not full time use. Recreational use is defined as for weekends, holiday periods, vacations, etc. The utilities and the rent are based on recreational use only.

- The rent for the Cole House is $10,750.00 plus Utilities (click to see a listing of the utilities). There is also a Security Deposit of $1000. $3700 is paid up front for the utilities. This sum covers everything including plowing, caretaking, propane, electricity, satellite programming, water conditioning and telephone (local service; you use your credit card for long distance calls). This fee does not cover cleaning or trash removal. I pay the bills during the ski season and deduct the cost from the $3700. At the end of the season you get an accounting and any money not used is returned to you. Cleaning can be arranged with a local cleaning person for an additional fee. Trash disposal is easy for you to do. It is a five minute drive just past the Sunbowl to the Stratton trash and recycling center or you can take the trash home with you on weekends.

- Can we sell Shares in the house?
No. Only the family whose names appear on the Letter of Agreement and their friends, when they are there, may use the dwelling. This dwelling may not be sublet nor may shares be sold apportioning use of the house or cabin.

Cole House on the left, Cole Cabin in the Center and North Road on the right.